譚文生的串聯瑜伽工作坊(Vinyasa Yoga Workshop with Vincent Tam )


( all levels welcome )

串聯(vinyasa)練法,係統合了流暢與力量、正位與內在覺知、動與靜的流動式瑜伽行法。要優雅而輕鬆地在各個體位法進出流動,保持有活力、並植基於呼吸是必要的!這工作坊在於探討此流派重要的根部閉鎖(Mula Bandha)與正確的勝利呼吸(Ujjayi pranayama)練法。

Vinyasa is a flow practice that integrates fluidity and strength, alignment and inner awareness, movement and stillness. To flow gracefully and effortlessly in and out of poses, it's essential to stay vibrant and grounded in the breath. This workshop is based on a study of the essential activity of Mula Bandha and the strong grounding effect of practicing correct Ujjayi Pranayama


八月七日星期六 am9001200


Saturday date Aug 7th :9:00 –12:00am

Building the Foundation:Learn the foundation of a solid practice through alignment, core awareness, and breathing techniques. Understand the basic principles of Sun Salutations A and B and how they are the cornerstone of every vinyasa practice. Discover preparation, inner cues, and dissection of the fundamentals of standing poses, backbends, twists, and inversions.

八月七日星期六 pm200430


Saturday date Aug 7th : 14:00pm – 16:30pm

Flying High : Arm balance within vinyasa requires focus, creates graceful strength, and builds confidence. We will explore alignment of upper body in beginner and advanced versions of arm poses and learn to “fly” while staying connected to breath and spirit.

八月八日星期日 am8001130


Sunday date Aug 8th : 8: 00am – 11.30am

Upside Down world : Because of the way the organs of the heart and lungs are nourished, going upside down is an invaluable way to elevate one's spirit. We'll lay a stable foundation for students so they can build the confidence and self-trust to do inversions safely. We will then learn a sequence that incorporates inversions.



Sunday date Apr 11th : 13.30pm – 16:00pm

Twisting Your Way : Twists and sidebends bring tremendous energy to the body and reduce asymmetry in the sacrum and lower back. We'll emphasize supine, standing, and seated spinal twists that have a wringing effect on the internal organs and promote abundant circulation of blood through all the spinal nerves.


他更從澳洲瑜伽藝術中心受anusara 派別的老師訓練結業,學到更多不同派別的瑜伽與氣功大師技巧。所以、他的教法萃取了多年由各不同派別的所學精華,及豐厚的經驗。融合了串聯流動技巧與長時間停留的體式練習。

他現任Fitness First Asia 的瑜伽老師,指導了許多師資訓練、工作坊和避靜活動。詳情請參考:www.vincenttamyoga.com

Brief Profile:

Vincent Tam has been studying yoga and qi gong since 1992. He started teaching yoga in 1995 while he was still studying Tibetan Buddhist meditation at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Vincent’s early success inspired him to further his yoga practice at the Himalayan Institute in Pennsylvania, USA immersing him fully in yoga and the yogic way of living.

Vincent, a graduate from the Yoga Arts of Australia and Anusara- Inspired teacher, has studied under some of the world’s most respected yogis and qi gong masters. His teachings are distilled from his vast experience of the different yoga schools and qi gong traditions he has studied over the years. His teachings harmonize the flowing movement-based practice (vinyasa) with postures (asana) that are held for extended periods.
Vincent is currently the Regional Yoga Trainer for Fitness First Asia and has conducted many teacher trainings, workshops and retreats in Asia. For more information, visit


Address :台南市虎尾里活動中心(富農街一段188巷10弄7號)

Date : 7th ( Saturday ) and 8th ( Sunday ) ,Augest 2010

INVESTMENT : 完整課程二天共計NT3500一天NT 2000

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