Anusara 的3個A:態度、順位、行動

Just Say Yes
Anusara is saying yes to the whole spectrum of life. It is a willingness to be aware of ourselves – the light and the dark, the full rainbow of colors and sensations, perceptions, emotions, and thoughts. To be in the flow is to look at whatever arises with freshness, freedom, and beginner’s mind. It is to simply open our hearts with love to the present moment without clinging or pushing. Anusara is accepting the world and ourselves as we are, and then responding with love.

The 3 “A”s of Anusara Yoga
Anusara 的3個A:態度、順位、行動
Attitude: HEART as the force behind the expression of the pose. The practitioner balances an opening to Grace with and ardent aspiration to celebrate her divine nature.

Alignment: MIND is attuned to precision in biomechanical positioning and integration of the different parts of the body. This dynamic symmetry is optimized by using “Universal Principles of Alignment” which brings body back to divine blueprint. Allows for optimal flow of breath and prana; attunement to our higher consciousness.

Action: BODY enjoys a balance of stability and freedom, muscular and organic energy, and joyful artistic expression and expansive inner freedom.
The Yogi uses Action to express his Attitude through the Alignment of the body = a musician (yogi) makes music (performs an asana) by expressing his heart (attitude) through the playing (action) of a properly tuned instrument (alignment of the body). The highest expression of an asana (the most beautiful music that a musician can potentially play with a particular instrument) occurs when the instrument of the body is optimally aligned, the action is strong and balanced, and the Attitude is spiritually pure and powerful. When you perform all 3 A’s as fully as possible in an asana, you are optimizing your full physical and spiritual potential for the performance of that asana; your spirit pours joyfully through the body with total freedom.