Yoga Journal iPractice 蘋果iPhone手機的附屬程式

Introducing Yoga Journal iPractice

YogaJournal.com presents the first yoga iPhone application with 15 unique classes that you can practice anywhere.
The easy-to-use application includes sequences created by our expert teachers, designed for:
- Stress Relief- Core Strength- Weight Loss- Increased Energy- Relaxation- Flexibility- And More!
It's Easy
1. Choose a class based on desired results, experience level, or focus. Or, shake things up and allow the app to choose a random sequence for you!
2. Browse through the sequence and instructions at your own pace, or play the slideshow with audio instructions while you practice.
3. Set your pace, background music (if desired), and begin.

Get the App
Download Yoga Journal iPractice™ Premium and get all 15 classes, ad-free!
Just US$4.99